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Many people are unable to achieve symmetry in their body because muscles are not working efficiently on both sides of the body. There is a high probability that one muscle group may be very tight, while the opposing muscle group may be weak. Once identified this muscle imbalance can be corrected to allow you to maintain neutral position and alignment in the body.

Our unique and innovative approach as premeir Burley physical therapists allows us to identify the cause of pain or loss of function and to correct faulty movement patterns more quickly and with fewer treatments than other physical therapy approaches. This means you are back to life quicker and with less cost to you. Treatments focus on teaching you, the patient, how to correct your own body in a gentle, natural, and pain-free method that provides rapid and long-lasting results.


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Our Unique Approach to Physical Therapy

ProActive Physical Therapy in Burley is 1 of only 62 clinics in the United States fully certified in Advanced Postural Restoration techniques. This allows us to go way beyond traditional physical therapy in the treatment of challenging pain and performance patients. In fact, we have 20 years of combined experience performing this type of specialized therapy on a wide variety of patients.

Our musculoskeletal assessment goes beyond the standard one and two-dimensional analysis of flexibility and strength to examine the three-dimensional orientation and join position of the pelvic girdle, both lower extremities, the spine, the rib cage, and both upper extremities. We also examine patterns of diaphragm movement, respiratory mechanics, abdominal integration, and rib function related to these problems.

Our attention to positional alignment and patterns of muscle overuse and weakness unique to each side of the body allows us to create a program that actually decreases chronic pain early in a program instead of the frustrating increase in pain so often experienced with traditional approaches that overlook these details.

One-on-one evaluation and treatment by one of ProActive’s specialty trained therapists give providers an additional treatment option for complex and challenging patients that can often be misunderstood, improperly diagnosed, and insufficiently treated with traditional therapy.

Practice Areas

Sports Injuries

Get back to the game with less pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Eliminate chronic neck & shoulder pain

Pregnancy-Related Pain

Reduce pain before & after pregnancy

Back Injuries & Pain

Relieve pain & restore mobility

Surgery Rehabilitation

Restore strength and movement after surgery

Migraine / Headache

Relief for chronic headaches and migraines

Everyday Activity Pain

Get back to your regular life pain-free

Knee Pain

Walk and move with less pain & more mobility

About Raulan Young,
Burley Physical Therapist

Raulan received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Andrews University in Dayton, Ohio after completing his degree in Athletic training from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He was among the first class of five therapists nationwide to receive Postural Restoration Certification in 2004 and is currently an associate faculty member for the Postural Restoration Institute.

Raulan is the founder of ProActive Physical Therapy which has been providing specialized restorative physical therapy in Burley since 1999. His practice specializes in the non-surgical treatment of complex back, neck, hip knee and feet pain. His expertise and unique training have led to close affiliations with a team of Neurologists, Specialized Dentists and Orthodontists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and Behavioral Optometrists.

Raulan has had the opportunity to lecture and train hundreds of Therapists, Physicians, and Athletic Trainers nationwide. His experience in Biomechanics and Faulty Movement Patterns has also allowed him to provide consultation for rehab professionals in Major League Soccer, MLB, NFL, and Division 1 Athletic Programs.


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